May 8, 2017


WordMonsterz Help

Thank you for playing WordMonsterz!  Our goal is to help children have fun while learning how to read from sight words based upon grade levels.  Below are some screens to help you as you play the Word Search and Word Scramble puzzles.  After completing each puzzle for both the search and scramble, you earn a bonus round, we call a FUN ROUND!  Choose from many categories and find the words!  If you have any issues, please reach out to us via our website ( and give us the opportunity to correct any issues. We want to earn as many high ratings as possible.


The words at the top are all in the puzzle below.  Start from the first letter, and drag your finger across the entire word from the top to solve it.  When you have answered correctly, the word will be colored in the puzzle and a line will be through it at the top.  The words only move forwards (from left to right).  No words are backwards.   Find all the words to answer the entire puzzle and earn medals, coins and level up!


Follow the instructions on the page.  Put the letters in the boxes at the top (they are out of order), in the correct order in the boxes below to spell the words at the top of the screen.  Do so in under 90 seconds to earn a Gold Medal.